New Account Request
If your site already has access to EpicCare Link, requests for new users at your site must come from a site administrator through Manage My Clinic. This is how we verify a user is truly affiliated with your practice. If you do not know who your site administrator is in our system or your site administrator is having difficulty logging in, contact

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing new user requests.
If you need to create a new site with multiple users...
Request access for a new site
If you need to add users to an existing site... 
Request access for a new provider (MD, DO, PA, NP, Midwife, etc.)
Clinical Staff
Request access for a new clinical staff member (clinic nurse, clinic manager, etc.)
Regulatory and Compliance
Request access for a new regulatory and compliance user (auditor, outside counsel, regulatory agents, etc.)
Research Monitor
Request access for a new research monitor
Post Discharge Care Clinician
Request access for a new post discharge care clinician