New Account Request
If your site has access to EpicCare Link, please have your site administrator request new user access through the post login process under Manage > My Groups > Account Requests Tip Sheet. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing new user requests.

If you are trying to get remote access to Epic Hyperspace (Houston Methodist's internal EMR), do not put a request in here. Rather, log in through Houston Methodist Apps Center or contact IT Help Desk (832.667.5600).

If you need to create a new site with multiple users...
Request access for a new site
If you need to add users to an existing site... 
Request access for a new provider (MD, DO, PA, NP, Midwife, etc.)
Clinical Staff
Request access for a new clinical staff member (clinic nurse, clinic manager, etc.)
Request access for a user that does not fit into the other categories, for instance a biller, insurance auditor, regulatory agents, secretary, or other non-clinician.
Research Monitor
Request access for a new research monitor
Post Discharge Care Clinician
Request access for a new post discharge care clinician